How It Works

Deploy complete end to end machine learning pipelines from data collection to visual analytics with the data science platform Nephos.

Workflow Manager

Build multi-stage analytic workflows cleaning, joining, and merging data for use in machine learning pipelines.

Data Visualization

Easy to use visual analysis tools for making decisions and evaluating predictions.

Deploy and Monitor

Deploy models into production and monitor output for validating end results.

Flexible Scalability

Nephos is built to be a hybrid cloud platform, so you can take advantage of both private and public clouds. It also is operationally self-service and needs almost no heavy-lifting and your Ops team will thank you for it


Pipelines and Distributed Training

Provides deep learning workflows on GPU and CPU clusters using built-in adapters to popular AI frameworks and tools.


Real-Time Inferencing

Enabled through a single-click deployment making it painless to operationalize AI models and to track model history.


Application Deployment

Is painless when using the platform to run and manage applications, helping further accelerate the time to discovery.