The Digital Experience Engine

Generate additional revenue opportunities by building custom user experiences in media and entertainment streaming platforms.


Machine Learning and Media Streaming Analytics

Wisecube provides a core set of AI and Machine Learning solutions encapsulated in the Digital Experience Engine, supported through a state of the art full stack AI platform, delivering accelerated end-to-end AI adoption for media and entertainment companies.

The Digital Experience Engine leverages modern hybrid machine learning technologies that combine Experience Personalization, Content Recommendation, and Monetization solutions to drive increased revenue and optimize user retention.


Digital Experience Engine Benefits

  • Increase Revenue Streams
  • Stronger Customer Engagement
  • Improve Brand Loyalty

Drive Customer Loyalty Through Deeper User Experiences

By joining both Experience Personalization and Content Monetization machine learning technologies, media companies can now deploy engaging content for not just movies and shows, but also corresponding advertisement campaigns. This further optimizes the user experience for longer lasting customer engagements.


User Experience Personalization and Content Recommendation

Using Wisecube’s Deep Personalizer module, build a rich customer profile using advanced machine learning algorithms that combines all relevant data, from marketing, behavior, click through performance, and profile information to help identify and rank the most interesting, engaging content that will ensure deep customer experiences to increase customer engagement and loyalty.


Content Monetization

With Wisecube’s Content Pairer module, quickly implement various marketing conversion systems to build state of the art monetization streams on existing libraries and media catalogs. By identifying correlations between viewer and content, you can now expose new purchasing opportunities directly through content platforms itself to increase and drive ad based revenue.