How does our AI platform support Healthcare?

It is a comprehensive solution built using SAFE AI principles to help life sciences teams manage data, workflows, ML models and applications at scale. It also greatly helps accelerate the time to discovery for life sciences research.

Drug Discovery

Reducing the costs of bringing new drugs to market is becoming critical for pharmaceutical manufactuers. As skyrocketing regulations and development time get in the way, it becomes imperative to find any advantage.

With Wisecube Discover, more effectively prioritize and select the right compounds used in developing your next test pipeline. Using deep neural networks and other advanced AI techniques, optimize your drug development pipeline from target selection and validation, all the way to clinical trials.

Compound Acquisition

Purchasing lists of small and large molecules can be expensive and difficult given the sheer number of compounds available.

Filtering out the wrong compounds, sorting, and ranking the right compounds becomes more important than ever. Using Wisecube, enable a more focused approach on what molecules you spend your time evaluating and purchasing.

Drug Repurposing

Using the best approaches for drug repurposing (also known as drug repositioning), Wisecube provides alternate opportunities for existing pharmaceutical lines.

Given the high depreciation rates, high costs and slow approval processes of new drug discoveries, repurposing of previously approved drugs to treat diseases are becoming more attractive with the use of existing approved compounds, potentially lowering development costs and increasing revenue opportunities.

Population Health

Use predictive analytic tools to help reduce the risk of disease.

  • Develop and implement key strategies for transforming healthcare delivery and payment models.
  • Implement solutions that will help navigate several key competencies, including data aggregation and analytics, care management, and patient engagement.
  • Enhance or improve existing applications and extract meaningful information from patient health records.
Hospital Readmissions

The solution is to create opportunities that give additional assistance to patients with an increased risk of readmission. But how do we identify these patients?

Using the latest machine learning and AI techniques, Wisecube provides solutions that can predict patient readmission for specified diseases with associated risk scoring within defined time periods.

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